Newsletters and Other Writing


I was a contributing editor for the Delaware Geographic Alliance newsletter, Focal Points, published by the Department of Geography, University of Delaware (where I had an appointment as adjunct associate professor). In addition to having written a column “Delawhere?,” I wrote the following articles:

“Travel Writing in the Classroom.” Focal Points 2:5. 2007.

“Distinguished Teachers Share Travels.” Focal Points 3:4-5. 2008.

“Agricultural State Fairs: A Geographical Perspective.” Focal Points 4:2. 2008.

“A Very Cool Place: Antarctica.” Focal Points 5:3-4. 2008.

“A Week to Remember” Focal Points 6:7. 2011.

I wrote an occasional piece for the Middle Atlantic College Stores (MACS) newsletter, the MACS Times. These pertain to various aspects of a college bookstore:

“Whither Print Communication?” MACS Times, January 2011, p. 10.

“Bright College Years.” MACS Times, October 2011, p. 4.

“I Ride for the Brand.” MACS Times, January 2012, p. 3.

“Nine Novels.” MACS Times, June 2012, p. 5.

“Is it 1984 in Your College Store?” MACS Times, May 2013, p. 17.

“Restoration of Tunnel Car No. 53.” Sagebrush Headlight, Winter 2017, pp. 1&7.


Occasionally, I work as a consultant for college textbook publishers (Prentice Hall, Wiley, and Cengage Learning). In addition to the usual editing responsibilities and participation in focus groups designed to consider new textbook format ideas, I have authored the following online ancillaries:

Companion Web Site to The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, Eighth and Ninth editions by James M. Rubenstein, published by Prentice Hall (2005 and 2008, respectively).

Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank for World Regional Geography, Sixth Edition by Joseph J. Hobbs, published by Cengage Learning, 2008.


Although not considered publications in the conventional sense, I have authored over 100 reports to international, federal, and state agencies, as well as to private industry. Most pertain to historic preservation and cultural resource management issues. A list of these titles, spanning more than 30 years of research, is available upon request.


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